Saturday, March 9, 2013

We Don't Agree

A few examples of things we don't agree on.

We should have a big black dog and name it Baskerville: I say “yes”, he says “no”.

Opinions Zynga’s Farmville: He says, “It’s fun”; I say, “It makes me ill”.

Political Science: I say, “Fanscinating”, he says, “Bite me”.

Halo: He says, “It’s a fun game”, I say, “I Won’t touch it save with a ten foot taser”.
“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”: He says, “I liked it”, I say, “Never again”

Spam (in a can): He says, "I love it", I say, "It can stay in the can".

I have to say that we agree almost perfectly about the important points in life, but I'm also very blessed that we are not 100% the same. It keeps the relationship interesting and new.

P.S. The kitties are not ours. I wish they were, but no; I lifted the image from a Bing image search.

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