Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Year 2005

Important stuff:

In January I started taking college classes. I studied everything that struck my interest: Sociology, American History, Political Science, and taekwondo. I had fun.

In June I moved back the the Living Center Apartments. As I was filling out the paper work there was a question of roommate preference. If you had a friend living there, you could request that friend as a roommate. I couldn't think of anyone I really specifically wanted as a roommate, so I left that part blank. I got assigned as Jen Smith's roommate, who had a friend that always was hanging around. His name was Aaron Hancock and we hadn't spoken in ten years despite the fact we went to the same dances, on the same youth trips, had many mutual friends, and our families knew each other; but we knew each other's siblings and didn't get along. Se la vie. At least I found another job and wouldn't be forced to hang around with Aaron Hancock.

By the end of summer I managed to get fired from that job, but since I had enough money put away for classes and to support myself for
several months on a careful budget, I wasn't too worried about finding a job real fast. However, now that I didn't have anywhere to go after classes, I had to deal with Jen's friend.

In a couple weeks I learned that he wasn't so bad. In fact I learned to like his company.

One Sunday evening Aaron announced that he was going to join the Air Force, and it bothered me. Friends don't let friends join the Air Force (my parents met in the Air Force, therefore membership in such must be a bad omen); but then I wondered why I even cared. He was a Hancock, and they are trouble...

"Oh my gosh", I thought to myself, almost out loud. "I think I like him... Now what?... I must undermine this ridiculous desire to join the Air Force... I must flirt with him"

That night I asked him to join me for a walk. He declined and I thought I did something wrong. On Monday I consulted a book on how to flirt (can you believe people write stuff like that?). On Tuesday I went to work. When walking and on passing Aaron, I gave him the best, sweetest, most inviting "Hi" that I could muster. Once again I thought to effort was clumsy at best, but Aaron tells me it got his attention.

On Wednesday I attended a church history class Aaron happened to be in. I didn't have my scriptures with me, so I sat next to Aaron and shared his. We didn't say a word the whole time, but by the end we were holding hands.

Thursday night Aaron knocked on my front door, which was unusual, as he typically followed Jen through the back. The conversation we had went approximately as follows:

Aaron: Hi.

Myself: Hi.

Aaron: I take it you like me.

("Arrogant Hancock," I thought silently, "I can play at this too")

Myself: I take it you like me

(He shakes his head)

Aaron: Does this mean we should go on dates and walks and stuff?

Myself: That's a good idea, if you are asking.

It was a good idea, and we did go on dates and walks and stuff. In November we decided that marriage was the right direction to go and we got engaged.

As written, this story looks simplistic and short on romance, but courtship doesn't need to be complicated or adventurous. Just honest. Either you do love each other and can agree on the important things, or you don't and you can't respectively. We did and could.

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