Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things Colin is Grateful For

Some mornings I wake up to a disaster, but then there are those rare mornings when I wake up to a gem. When I came down the stairs this morning, there was Colin, my four year old son, with pen and paper "writing" a list of things he is grateful for and it went as follows (I dictated on the computer):

"I am grateful for steaks, and vegetables, and carrots, lettuce (This is food, this is the stuff), milk, oranges, shoes to wear on my feet, my pen to write with, Mom, Karyn and Gideon, Papa, blankets to snuggle, TV's to watch movies on, water, celery, bread, and marshmallows for roasting on fires"

Colin can be trying at times, but he gives the warm fuzzies often enough to make me happy and grateful that he is part of my family.

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