Monday, March 18, 2013

A Righteous King : The Book of Mormon

In my personal study of the scriptures I've been re-reading the Book of Mormon. I've gotten to the Book of Mosiah and I've noticed some unusual things about the Kings Benjamin and his son and heir, King Mosiah. They earned their own living (farming), they did not tax their people, they lead their people in battle, were prophets and spiritual leaders, and willingly gave up the crown before they died (as did a number of other righteous kings if memory serves me.

I've decided to compile a list of what a defines a righteous king and how that applies to family life (perhaps I'll come back to this blog with updates as more ideas come:

A righteous king...

King Benjamin teaching his people * 
- does not burden his people with taxes, but earns his own living
- receives revelation for his people and leads them spiritually as well as temporally
- (unless death takes him suddenly) does not take the crown to the grave, but confers the kingdom on a willing and righteous heir well in advance of death
- in the event that no righteous heir can or will take the throne, he returns sovereignty to his people
- teaches his children and people obedience to the LORD and humility
- leads his people in the defense of his nation

In the family the husband is king and therefore a righteous husband...

- earns an honest living
- has the right and responsibility to receive revelation for his family and is to take the lead spiritually and temporally
- while alive, if possible, will confer his legacy and an inheritance on his children, but only if they are worthy and actually want it (it should be taken into consideration that several kings in the Book of Mormon had either righteous sons that declined to take the throne, or evil sons who should never have inherited a kingdom)
- if there are no worthy or willing heirs, gives the legacy to a worthy cause
- teaches his children obedience to the LORD and humility
- is to be the first and most determined line of defense for his family

What does this mean to me? I am the wife of a righteous husband, who fully agrees with what I've discovered. It is my responsibility to be the first support in his calling as the head of our family; however, scripture seems to be less specific about the lives of womankind. For the most part I will need to come up with my own definitions of what it means to be a righteous wife.

Conclusions for myself: A righteous wife of a righteous husband will...
- try not to grouch at him when he gets home from work, but ask about his day and be interested in what he has to say
- believe him when he makes a decision about the family's best interest (if in disagreement, be diplomatic about it), and support family home evenings, scripture study, and prayer
- be wise with the family budget and encourage education and righteous behavior in our children
- be associated with worthy causes
- show the children by example what it means to obey the LORD and to be humble
- be wise, fearless, and prepared against emergencies

* image lifted from Where she got it, I don't know.

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