Monday, March 11, 2013

Goals and Stuff

I'm in a complaining mood. Maybe I shouldn't be. Of the twelve or so goals I set for myself today I managed to get at least eight of them done.

Teach Colin about the letters P and Q: non cooperative (besides he already knows about them)

Spend 10 minutes cuddling with each child: check

Read one or two chapters in the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish: half check (I got absorbed with the Book of Jarom and the Book of Omni, then couldn't help but keep reading through the Words of Mormon)

De-clutter and sweep living room floor: ... good enough for me (I'm not expecting guests in the morning). Check.

Excersize with my yoga DVD: no check, ran out of time

Take a half hour walk with Karyn: double check (Took a second half hour walk, in the rain, with both Colin and Karyn)

Find a health related group on Facebook to subscribe too: no check, but not for lack of trying

Link Facebook, Twitter account, and blog: check

Send out 20 friend requests: no check (maybe I'll do that after I post this blog)

Send three Tweets: check

Study book on business for 15 minutes: check

Listen to business conference talk on CD: check

Write on blog: of course check

I didn't do as bad as I thought. I guess I can just not complain about the day I erroneously thought was unproductive and go to bed happy for what I got done.

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