Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It Must Be a Guy Thing

Something I just don’t understand and leaves me wondering, is if any woman who uses a dual breast pump actually pumps both at once. I can’t sit still that long without needing a book to read, or a glass of water, or something to do that requires a free hand. Turning the suction up so high that the flanges glue themselves into place for me is an unnecessary and overly painful exercise in making me feel like a cow.

My sweet husband suggests setting them on top of a table, but I think he’s looking for a show. It must be a guy thing. Something about that part of a woman just leaves him (and possibly other men) terribly excited.

It could be a marketing thing, but I have trouble imagining that it was a woman who thought to put two pumps in one box. That brings to mind another curiosity. Is it men or women who buy the dual breast pumps more often? If it were up to me, I would only buy a single breast pump for the reason explained above; but it’s my Gemini husband who does the baby stuff shopping 90% of the time.

So is it me, or are dual breast pumps a guy thing?

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  1. Laura WP here. I clicked over from FB. Double pumps are amazing when they are hands free, like the Medela Freestyle, which I thought was worth every penny. I could not have survived exclusive pumping without it. I would throw hubby's large tshirt over everything and keep moving--cooking, dishes, laundry, chores--I didn't stop when I pumped. Depending on your pump, you can also use a special bra (or buy a sports bra and cut holes in it) to make it a hands-free ordeal.