Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Husband, Aaron

My Husband, Aaron

A more loyal and worthy man, no woman could ask for. When I made the decision to marry him I knew my heart would be safe with him.

He works hard during the day, comes home every night, and supports me as a stay-at-home mom.

He loves his children and helps me raise and teach them. I don’t feel alone as a parent in our household.

Aaron strives to be a model follower of Christ. He takes his family to church, pays his tithes and offerings, reads to us from the scriptures, and happily magnifies his callings.

Aaron loves me and lends a helping hand when I ask, even if it’s with the dishes.

He kisses me good bye every morning and greets me with a kiss every afternoon.

My husband is kind and loves to bring me flowers and chocolates.

He listens when I speak, even if I’m ranting about nothing, and doesn’t get visibly angry when we disagree.

He is honest.

Aaron can fix a car and change a flat tire, and is handy around the house.

He does the laundry for me without being asked.

My husband says to me every day, “I love you”, and tells me I’m beautiful.


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  2. I'm so happy for sounds like you sure found a wonderful husband!!) Kudos to you guys!!!