Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ponies and Horses: Equine Ambtions

Karyn does a lot of things to remind us she is two years old, but her command of the English language makes my head spin sometimes.

A normal little girl with a collection of toy ponies, if she should find them missing will shout at the suspected sibling, ”Give me back my ponies!”

A smart little girl will shout, “Did you take my ponies!”

However, today two year old Karyn confronted Colin with, “Did you destroy my ponies! DID YOU DESTROY MY PONIES!!!”

Her ponies are fine. They just got left in her “clubhouse” in the kitchen.

One of my goals as parent is to teach my children to calmly debate an issue if they disagree with me and use persuasion to try and change my mind. I seldom change my mind once a decision is made, but Colin may have won a point in his favor today.

Lately he has been asking me for a horse. I always say, “No”, but he persists. I was starting to lose patience with the badgering for a horse and said, “When I have more money than sense, I’ll get you a horse”. Colin thinks quietly for a moment then enthusiastically says, “We need lots of money”.

Now who can argue with that?

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