Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why I Married Aaron

To be honest, I had fallen in love with several other men. In fact, I had loved one or two others with a greater intensity than I felt for Aaron at the time (which, by the way, today I love him 100 times more than any other man... love does grow). However, I had turned done several proposals because I knew that as much as I loved these others I knew we would be at each others throats with in a short while.

I married Aaron because he was/is:
Morally Worthy (moral worth always tops the list)
God fearing
Loves children
Comes from a similar family and personal background
Is of the same faith
Straight (an absolute neccesity in a heterosexual relationship)
Goes to church and encourages me to do so
Works hard
Sees the world the same way I do
And yes, I loved him, and still do

I actually sat down and wrote two lists, one filled with reasons why I should marry him, and one filled with reasons why I should not marry him. The reasons why won by a very narrow margin. I kneeled down anyway to pray if it was right for me to marry Aaron. The Lord answered me that He wasn't going to choose for me whom I should marry. So I responded, "Oh Lord, stop me if I'm wrong".

He didn't stop me. Still hasn't said a word against our marriage, so I must have done the right thing. In any case I've been very happy with my choice.

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