Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hell Must Be A Lot Like Daycare

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I'm not convinced that I'm going to Hell. No one has succeeded in persuading me to change my faith on that basis; but still, it's fun to consider the irony of what they say.

When I was a little girl, my first idea of Hell was that it must be a lot like daycare, kind of fun at first. Hell must be stocked with all the coolest toys (Teddy Ruxbin, My Little Ponies, Barbie, G.I. Joe, and Hot-wheels etc) and Saturday morning cartoons play all the time, or else no one would seem to want to go there.

Yep. Hell would be lots of fun until you realize no one is coming to pick you up at the end of the day. Then it wouldn't be so much fun anymore if I was alone.

Lot's of people all my life have told me I'm going to Hell. That bothered me when I was a teenager, but now that I'm an adult I tend to imagine the irony of a Hell full of people like me: Devoted family people, who dedicated their lives to following the Savior, contributing generously to charities, patriotic, optimistic, self reliant, adaptable, educated people. I'm not sure Satan would want to hang around people like that. So if I go to Hell, I'll have good company and my Teddy Ruxbin Doll.

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