Thursday, May 2, 2013

Planting Seeds

I am planting the seeds of intelligance... well, actually marigold, columbine, and several kitchen herbs; but the kids enjoyed homeschool today, and that's the point.
lifted from Questioner's Garden Time

Last night I ran an errand in town and visited Wally World. I thought it would be nice to get myself a window box and bird feeder. When I got home I showed Colin the bird feeder and the widow box, the bag of soil and seeds, and he was full of questions and a lot more excitement than I felt. I let him watch me fill and hang the bird feeder and decided to incorporate the window box garden in to school the next day.

During quiet study time I made a couple diagrams of a plant's life cycle, and the basic needs of a plant (something children between preschool and kindergarten would understand). After the main parts of school were done I explained the life cycle of most flowering plants and what they need and we planted some of the seeds in the window box. Actually, I only let them do the watering because I got it mainly for myself.

They were pretty thrilled and wanted to practically drown the seeds. I wouldn't let them. Hopefully they will not knock over the planter, or flood it before the seedlings get established.

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