Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm trying to get the house clean today, but it just can't be done.
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I try to wash the dishes, and Karyn wants to help by pouring the wash water into the rinse water. That's not helpful, so I clear and organize the kitchen counters and pick up some week old pizza boxes to tear apart and throw in the trash, butthey are glued together and indestructible  Next I try cleaning off the dining table which is the time Colin picks to get a butter knife and smash crackers all over the table. I'm losing my temper a bit and boil some water and make a cup of chamomile tea. There was a little water left in the pan which 2 minutes later Karyn splashes on herself with a startled and pained squeak  I get her sorted out and try again to wash the dishes and Aaron calls saying he'll be late, which is fine, but now I have to tell the kids, but I don't get to right away because Gideon wants to nurse and take his nap. Ok, that's done and I finally tell the kids Papa will be late and they are alright with that. The cup of chamomile is cold and doesn't taste as nice, but I drink it anyway and set a timer for three o'clock to remind me to take the kids to the playground, assuming Gideon is awake at that time. I'm about to get back to cleaning something, when Colin, while dancing on the table, knocks a glass of water off. It's sturdy and doesn't break, but now there is spilled water to clean up, which I tell Colin to take care of. He succeeds in spreading the water around, but not much is picked up. Then he helps himself to a popsicle and drops chunks of it on the floor while Karyn is in the kitchen hosing the counters walls and floors with the sink sprayer. I give up. It seems like the harder I try to clean the house the messier it gets.

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