Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Laws Concerning Firearms Are Officially Outdated

It doesn't look like much, but it's viable. The Liberator
Thank's to the invention of the 3D printer and Defense Distributed we now have "undetectable" firearms that anyone can simply "print" at home. Are we scared? The U.S. Federal Government certainly is. Should we be scared? I'm willing to say no, we should not be afraid.

An undetectable weapon is simply one that can not be detected by a metal detector or an x-ray device. With current security technology  these weapons can be smuggled into formerly weapon free zones, federal offices, sporting events, airlines, shopping centers, and so forth. It seems obvious why that would be worrisome for security purposes. A bad person with undetectable weapons can cause an incredible amount of death, damage, and chaos.

With this worst first thinking in mind, the federal government is trying to suppress the print information for plastic handguns and similar technology, instead of innovating a new way to detect unfriendly weapons or changing the laws concerning weapon free zones.

However, what they are failing to address is that this is a two sided coin. Bad people with plastic weapons can not detect if good people are similarly armed. In the hands of good people, undetectable weapons are a powerful tool. Imagine when an undercover officer needs to move quickly through a security checkpoint while in pursuit of a suspect without it being obvious whether he is armed or not, or that security personnel let him breeze through on purpose.

Now I can understand that the government would want certain places to be weapon free, but that won't be feasible until we have ability to detect offensive plastic. Perhaps, instead of taking draconian measures to suppress the information of how undetectable weapons are made, we should change the laws concerning weapon free zones. Encourage firearms training and ownership as a duty among the general adult population and allow them to carry wherever they will.

Such measures won't stop bad people from getting weapons or doing bad things, but it slams the door on mass shootings, armed robbery, rape, break ins and a host of other violent evils. If the Fed wants "common sense" gun control laws, they should first consult the original common sense gun control law, the Second Amendment.

Not only shall the right to bear arms not be infringed, Defense Distributed has proven that the right to bear arms CAN NOT be infringed.

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