Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tragedy in the Moment, but a Potential Serial Killer Stopped

This story and the comments section has my blood up.

A quick synopsis of events: Andrea Rebello was with friends in her home when an armed intruder forced his way in and demanded money and valuables. They tried to appease him, but what they had on hand was enough. The intruder allowed one of them to leave to get money from the ATM, but she calls the police instead. When they arrive and the intruder finds out, he gets Andrea in a headlock and attempts to take her hostage to escape. The intruder made a move to fire on the police officer, and the officer fired eight shots, seven of which stuck the intruder, who died of course; and tragically, one struck Andrea in the head, killing her also.

Many comments disparage the police officer, other comments offer condolences to Andrea's family and empathy for the officer.

In my opinion, the police officer made judgement call, one he will have to live with the rest of his life. However, the officer is not the villain in this story, the armed intruder is. A beautiful woman is dead because of the armed crook, not the policeman doing his duty. Even though a young woman is dead, the officer is still the hero. The intruder would likely have killed everyone in the apartment when the money did not come, and the police officer, Andrea, and any number of other people who got in his way while trying to escape or rob again.

On the rare occasions when I have found an police officer or military man in the mood to speak candidly, they have never claimed that being in an armed conflict is good times. In fact one told me these are the moments that nightmares are made of.

Our heros need to make terrible decisions sometimes, but that's what they need to do to make it home to their families.

The survivors were lucky their assailant was stupid and over patient. Home invasions do not usually take long enough for the police to arrive. The police can only be back up or investigators. If even one of these friends had been trained and armed, this story may very well have ended on a better note.

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