Saturday, April 27, 2013

This Is News?

AJ is safe! Call the cops! Alert the media! USA Today
What kind of news is this? A child got overlooked during a fieldtrip to a museum and was subsequently left behind. The museum staff found the child, called the schools that visited until the correct one and was identified, the parents were alerted and they picked him up from the museum. Mom was freaking out, but the boy was fine. The end.

The mom is such a whiner in this story. If it were my son, yes I would be concerned, but seriously calling the cops and alerting the news after I'd been assured that he was located and safe?

My son disappeared yesterday. I didn't notice for over an hour that he was gone. When I went looking for him, he called out to me from the trunk of the car that I had cleaned that day and I left open to air out. Good thing the weather was mild. Little Colin was upset and needed to snuggle for half an hour before he was himself again, and I felt bad that it took me so long to notice him missing and find him, but you won't see me filing a law suit against Ford Motors for failing to make a child friendly trunk release. Chalk it up to experience. I learned not to leave the trunk standing open, and Colin learned not to play in the trunk of a car.

Perhaps this family in the news has a lesson to learn to, such as: AJ, don't get separated from the group, and, don't freak out when your child's safety is assured.

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