Monday, April 8, 2013

Gender Role

I'm seeing this sign that is driving me crazy. This red equal sign and what it apparently stands for. Something about same sex partners wanting to be legally married, as if marriage is about romance or legitimized debauchery. What is missed by this small minority of society (and much of the majority too for that matter) is that men and women are fundamentally different and complementary  One cannot exist without the other.

I teach my daughter that she is unique and special and important. That she is a girl is a large part of what makes her unique, special, and important. I tell her she is beautiful, smart, and loved. I dress her as a girl and give her dolls and tea sets to play with. Her sweet, feminine nature is welcome and encouraged in our home. One day she will become a woman and hopefully meet a special man and have the choice to become a wife and a mother.
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I teach my sons that they are unique, and special, and important. That they
are boys is a large part of what makes them unique, special, and important. I tell them that they are handsome, strong, and loved. I give them cars and tool sets to play with. Their strong willed, masculine natures are valued and sustained in our family. One day they will become men and hopefully they will each meet a special woman and have the choice to become husbands and fathers.

How can I not tell my children these things? It would be an act of hate on my part to deny them this basic knowledge.

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