Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2010 to Present

I'm not sure what to say for theses years, so I'll put it a simple and succinctly as possible.In February of 2010 Julia Hancock passed away, and on the 17th, just the day after Julia was intered, Karyn was born. I could write a novelette about that month, but for the sake of privacy, I'll let it be for now.

In the months that followed, Aaron got his Airframe and Powerplant certification and we began looking for work for him. I had the greater talent for internet searches and processing the results, so I did the majority of the looking and sent him the applications I thought had the most promise for him. There were numerous posts  (at least one a month on J.S. Firm) for an entry level position in Oscoda, MI. I always sent him that one whenever I saw it, because I thought it was the closest and most promising. Why he hesitated, is his own story, but it's a funny one if you can get him to tell it. In the meanwhile, Aaron went back to work at McDonalds

By June we had decided to move in with Aaron's father and kept looking for jobs from there. It took nearly another year before Aaron was offered a job in Oscoda by a job placement service. I was hitting my head on the wall at the irony, but I guess that's how long it took for him to be prepared to accept it.

I can fix it! image lifted from wikipedia
In June of 2011 Aaron went north for work, coming down to Lansing every other weekend. In February of 2012 my mom and I, with the kids came up and after a week or so of looking around, she left us there at the motel with Aaron. While I kept up the search for a home.

I found us a teeny, tiny, two bedroom cottage just across the highway from Lake Huron. It was nice enough for a spring and summer home and it got us out of the motel; but we needed a larger, warmer place, closer to town for our growing family.

At the end of September we found the perfect place right on base. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a basement, a fenced in porch, and a good size kitchen. We could have fit that tiny cottage in the basement. Also the neighborhood was nice and we were only one mile from Aaron's work.

We moved in and have been very happy here. I am so grateful for a warm home with enough room for our family and visitors.

In January, Gideon was born and we are delighted to have him in our family.

This year I've been working on getting a small online store up and running. Hence, if you've been reading my other blogs, the references to Nutrilite, Perfect Water, and Fulton Street Market. Aaron and I want financial freedom for our family, so there is a clear need to form a number of other lines of income.

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