Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Home School Non-event

My heart goes out to all those suffering in the tragedies of this week, but I can't focus on that. I'm a homeschool mom of young children. If I read too much into these kind of things I'll almost literally be paralyzed with depression.

I'm happy to report, that everyone at home is healthy, my husband is employed, and my children are doing well in homeschool.

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Yesterday was a challenge. Colin, being five, frequently can not hold still to read. He did try, he tried hard, but every time he got under control enough to sound out a three letter word, he would suddenly lose focus and jerk, dropping whatever he had in his hand to help him hold his place while reading. He and I both got frustrated, and I could see we both needed some time to blow off steam and regroup, so I sent him outside to run around or practice riding his bike on the back porch (it's about 10' x 20'. small enough to need to practice turning or he would hit the fence) and I sat down to get my mind off my stress. After I called him inside I decided we could adjourn for the day. He did well with the numbers a math portion of school, so I figured that it balanced out.

Today Colin did well in all portions of school. Before school I let the kids watch some videos about where apples come from. Beginning school we had 15 minutes of quiet study. I practiced my penmanship and wrote goals and affirmations, he practiced writing and drew pictures of apple trees and peach trees, and Karyn also drew pictures. After quiet study, Colin and I talked about his pictures went over his writing practice and read it together. He was pretty thrilled to find that the writing worksheet was also his reading practice. After that we talked some more about addition. He doesn't get it on paper yet, but with manipulatives, he understands it better.

So far, today has been a non-event and I'm glad of it.

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