Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dangerous Parenting

I have never told my children not to talk to strangers.

No, I probably won't come down hard on the kids for riding their bikes without helmets, just make them endure, for the umpteenth time the story of how a bicycle helmet saved my head.

Yes, sometimes I let them fight.

No, I don't force my children to share their own toys.

Yes, I let them climb in and out of the cart while shopping at Wally World.

No, I don't feel obligated to accompany my four year old son every time he goes outside. As long as he stays in sight of the house, I'm happy.

Yes, I've been letting him use a sharp knife at dinner, and it's getting about time to teach my three year old to do the same.

No, my house is not "child proofed".

Yes, I let them play with "big kid" toys, kitchen utensils, and even my tools occasionally.

They've experienced cuts, burns, and mild electric shock, fallen down stairs, made friends with strangers, had bumps, bruises, rashes, bug bites, and splinters.

So far my four year old and three year old are both strong, smart, healthy, outgoing, enjoy sharing and playing outside, have a good idea what is dangerous and what is safe, take calculated risks, are self confident, and converse very well both with other children and adults.

They are going to make great leaders.

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