Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Colin!

Colin Hancock is now five years old. Today he recieved his first bicycle. He previously knew the mechanics of how to peddle, but today he really began to learn to ride.

We went to the playground about a mile away. Before we got half way there, Colin wanted to get off and walk per-the-norm, but said, "We got you that bike to ride, so get on it and ride". It was slow going, but by the time we got close, he was keeping up with my walking pace.

Tomorrow, weather permitting we will go down to the park again and Karyn will get her own bike. We got her her own so soon for two reasons: first, that Colin would want a riding partner; and second, that it wouldn't take long before Karyn would want a bike to ride too. It seems we were right.

It is a Hancock family tradition that the person whose birthday it is cuts the cake with the biggest knife available. Tonight after Colin blew out the candles on his cake, I gave him the biggest knife in my collection, an 8 inch vegetable knife and let him cut the cake himself (I served after he made a few cuts). Perhaps there are those who think I'm a little crazy for letting a five year old handle a sharp knife, but we've worked with him and he knows what to do and (more importantly) what not to do with sharp knives.

Now that Colin is five, he's old enough to take out the trash, and help around the kitchen. He's also old enough now that I should regularly enforce the daily need to pick up his own toys and clothes, and make his bed.

Because he is kindergarten age and I intend to homeschool him, I need to make the final selection of what text I will use to teach him reading and and what math program I will use. I want to use the McGuffy Reader series and see how far he will go in to it this year. Not sure yet if I will use a formal text to teach basic addition and subtraction... might not need one yet. Flash cards and consistent explanation will probably do fine for now.

My biggest concern is where to find a home school support group in or near Oscoda. I live in a small town. I'll find what I can.

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