Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am Christine Hancock

I am Christine Hancock. I own a mall and I write
a blog; but most of all I am the devoted wife of a worthy man who is an aircraft nerd; and the Mom of Colin, Karyn, and Gideon, three of the finest children to ever grace the Earth.

I enjoy playing video games and watching movies about superheroes. I will read almost anything that passes under my nose. I listen to classic rock, country, classical, instrumental, and hymns.

When I sing, I don't care who is listening or if they like it. When I write I try to keep it light and happy. And when I speak I try to keep it short, simple, and to the point.

I've served an 18 month mission in Idaho, worked in grassroots politics, and have done fundraisers. I am very used to being told , in so many ways, "No", and "Go Away"; but I also know that about 1 in 4 four people will say yes to something I have to ask, say, or offer.

I'm not a very good listener, but I'm looking for opportunities to improve.

I like a clean house and good cooking and look forward to the day I can pay someone to do those things for me.

I genuinely believe that my family will become very wealthy one day and I'm already grateful and happy about it.

I know he Book of Mormon is true, that there are prophets on the Earth today, that Christ will come again and he will rule as King. There are those who are convinced I'm going to Hell for it and I can't help but smile at the irony. Imagine a heaven full of people convinced I've gone to Hell, and a Hell full of people like me... It must not be that bad of a place.

I am Christine Hancock and I thank you for reading this blog.

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