Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Role Models I Want For My Son

I've been reading news articles that say liberals in California have been trying to strip the Boy Scouts of America of their tax exempt status for refusing to allow openly gay men as leaders. That's not news to me as they've been trying to do that for over a decade.

It got me thinking about what kind of role models and scout leaders I want for my sons. What kind of values do I want to transmit to them and who will fulfill that need?

The values I want them to reflect include:

Painting by Norman Rockwell
Temple marriage
Respect toward women and children
Abiding law
The sanctity of human life
Honoring parents
Worshiping God
Sexual purity
Fulfilling priesthood duties

That list is hardly comprehensive, but it's what comes to mind tonight.

What kind of man can I think of that would make a good role model or scout leader for my sons?
Ideally, he would be...

Straight and LDS
Married in the temple
Law abiding
Respectful of his own wife and children
Able to speak well of his own parents
Attending church weekly
100% faithful to his marriage (that's probably one I'll have to guess on)
Fulfilling callings in the church

I don't see it as bigotry to select role models that have the same values as myself, nor would I be comfortable letting my sons spend a substantial amount of time with someone of differing values.

Openly gay man as my sons' scout leader? Not if I can avoid it. There are higher aspirations in life.

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