Thursday, September 5, 2013

Abortion is a game now?

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Choice: Texas Indigogo Campaign Video

A game about abortion. Wow. What a lame idea. Can anyone think of a more unplayable topic for video or PC game? My own conservative opinions aside, who the heck wants to play a game about such a serious, politically, emotionally, and medically charged topic.

The only people I can imagine would play this game are fetushists or lightly curious and extremely bored pre-teen girls.

When I play video games (yes, on occation I do) I do so with the thought in mind of relaxing and escaping reality for a while. I don't do it for education, or empathy training. I do it exactly for the opposite. There may be something I'm trying to forget, or maybe I'm in the mood to blow something up; or oh, the horror, maybe I'm just trying to have some fun!

Abortion, as far as I hear tell, is not escapist, is not sensational (usually I hope), and not fun!

Where did these people get the idea anyone would want to play a game about abortion?

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