Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Productive Mess

My house is a mess, and I am properly ashamed of it, but not too much so. I've been very busy today.

I had homeschool with Colin and Karyn (our schedule is any five days between Monday and Saturday... I usually prefer to relax on Mondays).

I got started on the yearly dejunking and cleaning. I decided to start in the basement as that will be the biggest project. After moving most of our random storage upstairs for analysis and to get it out of the way, I moved the rest over to one side, opened the basement windows, and swept and mopped the other half with bleach water (even the best basement gets a few nasties in a year and needs disinfecting). I checked the furnace air filter for good measure and discovered it definitely needed replacing.

This afternoon, after Aaron got off work, I went shopping with Colin for groceries and sundries. Colin helped me pick out a pair of new Sunday shoes, went with me to the Goodwill and behaved himself very well while I found a bed frame and a few other useful items. I offered to get him a book or a toy, but he didn't want any today; so after I found a new air filter at the hardware store, I bought him his choice of a chocolate bar, which made him very happy. Then we bought some groceries and came home.

I made dinner, instructed Colin and Karyn on how to remove and replace the furnace air filter, and put the finishing touches on my projects for Primary Singing Time tomorrow. Then helped get the kids off to bed, put together the bed frame (finally my bed is off the floor... hallelujah!), washed some dishes, and now I am finally some taking time to relax.

The problem with relaxing right now, however, is my mind keeps thinking of more essential things that need to get done! Time for some chamomile.

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