Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Morning Prayer and Priorities

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Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank thee for another day, and especially for my wonderful husband and my beautiful children. I'm thankful for the peace and safety we enjoy.

Please wilt thou bless me that I may be able to accomplish everything that's really important, some things that are less important, and to completely ignore everything that is not important.

In the name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

Yes. This really was my morning prayer today.

On the days when I actually set priorities and write things down, I put things in three categories of importance:

Category 1; Very important and must be done today
This list usually has things like studying the scriptures, teaching and planning homeschool lessons, cleaning the dishes and countertops, even exercise when I think there will be time in a day.

Category 2; Kind of important, but it won't kill me if it doesn't get done
Unless it's really bad, things like sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, and making the beds tend to be on this list.

Category 3; Things I can ignore
This is a list that I keep for three reasons. To keep things in perspective, make it known to myself that my feelings and desires are, in fact, important, and to remind myself of some of the things that are on the back burner. I may even do a number of these things if I have time. The items on this list include yelling at the kids, playing video games, and cleaning the basement.

You may get the idea that I'm not a very good housekeeper and rather short of patience with the kids, and that's sort of true; but home life would very unpleasant if I didn't take the time to think about my priorities.

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