Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why I Don't Share Sob Stories... as a rule

As a rule, I do not pass along sob stories that find their way on to my FB wall. To illustrate I've attached an article about a viral poverty story I've seen shared way too much.

Not quite that bad...
I did read that story and it made my blood boil so much that I could not finish it on the first try. While I felt a little sorry for her, more than anything I wanted to throw my android to the floor and smash it to bits because of the incessant whining and self pitying nature of the piece.

After I calmed down a little, I had the feeling I needed to finish reading the blog entry and when I got through it, I thought to myself that this is a talented, articulate, educated, and experienced writer... is the situation really as bad as she made it out to be?

Who am I to judge, after all, Vincent Van Gogh was very poor and highly disadvantaged too; so I said nothing, but couldn't help but think I was reading a work of at least partial fiction designed to garner attention and sympathy... Go figure.

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