Friday, December 13, 2013

What do I teach about politics?

I was reading aloud and article about the huge security snafu that allowed a known violent schizophrenic to work as a sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial service, and stand within four feet of Mr. Obama. It included the phrase, "President Obama" which I read over and didn't really think that much about it; but five year old Colin, with his sharp wit, noticed and asked me, "Mom, who's President Obama?"

It occurred to me that he has never heard me say those two words in that context, seeing as how I don't consider Mr. Obama to be president of anything (my opinion; you don't have to think the way I do).

Not quite sure what to say, I simply told him that Mr. Obama is the elected President of the Unites States, and dropped the subject, because I don't think sharing the details of my political opinions would be appropriate with a child that young.

Oh the challenges of being a homeschool mom! On the one hand, my children need facts (not necessarily my opinions), and a working knowledge of American politics. But on the other hand, too many of the facts surrounding this administration have turned out to be not factual, and I don't think I understand the political workings of our nation anymore.

Where do I turn for reliable information?!
I couldn't find a picture to fit this post, but I thought this would be interesting to look at.

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