Friday, March 28, 2014

Not Having Such a Great Day Today

Two sick boys, dreary weather, and a messy house.

It wouldn't be so bad if Gideon would turn down the drama machine and let me clean. He's not in pain, he just doesn't feel so great, and since Mom is the source of all goodness and comfort she must not be lost or misplaced. Gideon squawks whenever I turn my back toward him, and raises the alarm whenever I leave the room. I wish he would just take a nap and wake up two hours closer to a calm stomach.

Colin is a bit of a ray of sunshine. In fact, he's way too happy. I want him to calm down already and rest so as to ensure the bug passes. However, five year old boys do not calm down on command; and for me to try and make him calm down will only serve to make him more excited. At least he knows how to do his business in the toilet and clean up the mess when he misses. I like that. It makes my life just a little easier.

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The weather matches my mood quite closely today. Grey, raining, snow still clinging thickly to the ground... but it is raining and not snowing. I wish for sun because I'm tired of feeling depressed all the time. I'll just have to take what I can get. It's not like I can go out today anyway.

The house is such a mess and I'm losing sleep over it. Really, that is the dumbest most treatable reason to lose sleep that I know of. Why? Why do I not just clean? Oh yeah. Children that want to make the mess, but don't seem to know how to clean it up, and don't especially like taking orders.

Still, I am blessed. Gideon is easy to console and get to stop crying, he's even showing signs of getting ready to finally take a nap. Again, Colin is happy and also starting to calm down now that he thinks I'm ignoring him. Karyn is healthy and trying to make Gideon feel better (maybe I should get her a doll to dress), and the weather is not so cold today.

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