Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Sick Baby Hoax

Perhaps you've seen this heart rending picture that I've edited or something like unto it.

It came with a claim that Facebook and CNN would donate money for each "like" or "share" that it got. Well don't... just don't. It's a tasteless scam put out there by a "like-whore".

Don't "like" it, don't "share" it, certainly don't comment on it. Click the picture itself and if you look to the right, there should be a report option. Click "report" and go through that process so that Facebook is in-the-know that an abusive picture is being circulated. It should only take a minute or two.

"But what if it's real?" It is not. Facebook never donates money based on how many "likes" and "shares" a photo gets.

"But it's harmless." No it is absolutely not harmless. Hoax slayer words it well:

The people who create these hoaxes - fittingly referred to as "like-whores" by the Facebook community at large, do so to amass likes and shares and to drive Internet traffic to their websites or Facebook Pages. They take images of children from other sources without permission and reuse them in their despicable hoaxes.

Some who create such hoaxes apparently do so simply out of a sick and twisted desire to see how many likes and shares their disgraceful lies can muster. Others are motivated by greed. Facebook Pages with large numbers of likes can be sold on the black market to other unscrupulous Internet marketers and/or used to peddle products and services and launch further spam and scam campaigns.

It's hard to ignore these things because we are mostly good inside and want to help, but some people are dead inside and favor exploiting human goodness and vulnerability. I know it can be difficult, but vet your charities first. If it seems easy and cost free to support a charity, that should be the first indication that it is a scam.

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