Thursday, January 30, 2014

Open Letter to Disney II: Hurray for Diversity! Now, when's it my turn!

Dear Disney,

I just read about your weeklong Family Outfest (July 1 - 7 2014), which you have officially attached your name to as a partner, as opposed to simply hosting as a private party event. That's fine. You do what's good for your business. As per my understanding, it is being marketed to LGBT families specifically, yet claims to be inclusive at the same time. Isn't that a little... er... contradictory? Why not just celebrate the Fourth of July like a normal theme park? You'll make more money that weekend if all families are equally invited.

Also, to be fair to the nuclear heterosexual families, that form most of your fan base, who were not invited to the Family Outfest; will you be having Disney Traditional Family Week? It's up to you how you run your business; all I'm saying is that just because we are a majority, doesn't mean our feelings don't get hurt when we are not invited to the party.

Christine S. Hancock

Not invited! I was hoping it was simply do to some oversight. Well, in that case, I'll be on my way...

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