Thursday, November 21, 2013

Righteous Teachers vs Unrighteous Teachers

I was studying in the Book of Mosiah today, my new favorite book, and I read Alma the elder's teachings on kings and teachers which I find very interesting.

His people asked him to be king over them, which he declined, feeling he was unworthy. He taught them to trust no man to be be king over them because (having first hand knowledge) not all men are righteous. He also said not to trust anyone not of God to be a teacher over them.

As I am a teacher of my own children and in Primary it stands out to me the importance of righteous teaching.

Eventually, even though they were a Godly people, they were taken into bondage by the Lamanites (this is a fallen world, bad things happen to everyone from time to time), but the Lord protected and favored them. The wicked priests of King Noah (of whom Alma the Elder was once counted before his sore repentance) were also placed in bondage.

The wicked priests gained political advantage and the King over the Lamanites placed them in charge of the people of Alma, and appointed them teachers.

How interesting what happens when unrighteous teachers are appointed. Alma's people are persecuted. and while it is true, the Lamanites benefitted economically by learning secular teachings; ultimately, because God's law was not taught, corruption and greater wickedness resulted.

In these days, while removing religious instruction from schools has not the cause of every evil in our society, I do note some similarities between our society and that of those mentioned above: Unrighteous people gaining political advantage, the elimination of God from schools, religious persecution. Now, obviously there are some differences between this story and ours. We don't have literal burdens tied to our backs, nor have I once been threatened with death for praying aloud in public; but the dangers of ungodly teachers and leaders has become more clear to me in recent years.

Eventually, the Lord enabled the people of Alma to escape, and the wicked priests of Noah were left behind to whatever fate befell them. I hope to be among the people the Lord favors in the end.

No more teachers. No more books. No more Lam'nites dirty looks!
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